A name four your puppy dog

You should consider the following tips before choosing a name four your dog:

  • It should be a short name (three syllables max) that your dog can easily recognise. Pet's names with strong consonants and two syllables are a good choice.
  • Some people might be offended to share the same name that your pet. Perhaps a human name for your puppy is not a good idea.
  • You have to take in account the breed, colour, size... in order to pick the right name.

Here you have a short list of popular dog names:

Female Aska, Aisa, Anuk, Anaiz, Bian, Bena, Basai, Candi, Cukita, Corela, Casei, Duna, Dunley, Ela, Etna, Lasha, Fani, Ina, Kira, Lala, Luna, Nana, Nuna, Nova, Melea, Mimo, Nela, Pety, Sasa, Sila, Sombra, Titi, Toli, Tesa, Traca, Topita, Truca, Wolfa, Yanka, Yera, Zely, Zulay.

Male Amis, Bolo, Budu, Budy, Brush, Bobby, Bolon, Bruts, Casper, Claus, Coco, Colin, Cacho, Dayo, Flik, Golgo, Gody, Gugu, Kras, Kit, Kobi, Lupo, Max, Miko, Nano, Oby, Oso, Pipo, Pipen, Pitux, Puchi, Rafi, Rodi, Roy, Sam, Soll, Rosco, Tor, Trabis, Trosky, Yak, Zupo.

Both Aki, Aspin, Blody, Blacky, Chuby, Duty, Dixie, Ely, Fabi, Flufli, Glucky, Nucy, Mely, Ossy, Pascky, Solny, Tasin, Wory, ZuckY.

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